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released April 11, 2012

Recorded at: Inner Ear Studio, Arlington, VA
Engineered by: Samuel J Kim
Mixed by: Eugene Lee
Mastered by: John McCaig, panicStudios, Seattle, WA
Photographs by: Nick Donner



all rights reserved


Left On Vermont Washington, D.C.

Left On Vermont plays music described as “rock-art with a singer-songwriter’s soul.” Call it indie-pop. Call it alt-folk rock. Whatever it is, they enjoy playing it. L.O.V.’s talented members come from a wide range of artistic backgrounds, which may explain the occasional musical ADD that they’ve been accused of (and are damn proud of, too). So take a listen.... ... more

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Track Name: The Other Side
And I might have seen the other side
Might have given you the smallest bit of sympathy
For what you feared and hoped for me inside

Did you also look for what was true?
Now becoming what we never hoped or meant to be
A locker filled with pleasantries
Like children lost in things we chose
A mockery of all that grows

And I hope to be
What you meant for me
Won’t you bend and break with me?

One day, these pent up thoughts are what we’ll say
Wearing dreams tacked on by lesson learned so painfully
While taking life less personally
My God, things change, but I don’t know
Why does changing seem so slow to me?
Track Name: J'adore
I adore you not because you’re mine
I will love you until the end of time
If all your thoughts were folded into mine
You wouldn’t speak to me, all our flesh combined
How does the answer take me to the brink?
When does the fighter find his way to me?

And I told you I’d never walk away
Was left here sitting with not a thing to say
Back on the other side is a symphony of pain
Playing a fool for me, my sweet, sweet, sweet

Back on the road I won’t leave you behind
It’s a long, long road that taught me how to survive
I’m getting colder as I wash in the tide
And you won’t need a kick to fall down for a night

You drag it in, you comb your hair, you brush the back of my hand
I guess the subtle glance just turned to a stare and
I can’t keep pointing to a ghost that no longer exists
My secret’s out, I forget what I missed

When did your eyes close so tightly?
Why did I seem uninviting?
Did you not answer me close to my tongue and breathing I felt
I was pounding your pulse inside my head over and over again
Track Name: Whatever You Want
You, are you, one of those things I will never explain
Mouth, shooting off, sharing your mood for over-honest thoughts

Just because you say you’re a sinner in every thought
You can’t say, whatever hurtful things that you want

Of all of these places we thought we would be
Surprising, reminding of chats we had of who we meant to be

Love, yeah that’s you, don’t be unkind in the things that you do
To end, end this fight, takes more than proving who’s wrong or right

You are a curious thing (You left me out in the rain out in the rain I was waiting on you)
Don’t be unkind in the things that you do (Don’t act like you stayed, I was waiting on you)

Come with me, talk but don’t dare make me lie
Words aren’t fragile, words tell us why
Track Name: Lady Waits in Mourning
You’re the polka dots on my cup
You’re the aftershave on my shirt
You’re the elbow near my side
You’re the passenger that I drive

You’re the one I’ve got penciled in
You don’t mean to cause me chagrin
You’re the one I most look forward to
You’re the fight and I want to make up with you

Love, Lady Love, why do you mourn?

Why do you run away to hide the pain?
You won’t get far enough to get away from me
And heaven’s gates won’t open up without it
And you don’t know, no, you don’t want to talk about it

You’re the current splashed over me
You’re the breath I still need to breath
You’re the reason I walk that wire
You’re the honey starting my fire

And I’ll take a chance on you
I’ll move until you don’t move
I’ll give all my love to you
It’s true, it’s true
Track Name: Song For You
Here’s the song for you, dear
Here’s the song you wrote with me
Nothing is decided
Nothing in between

Good when things are heavy
But bad at life, it seems
Live your feast or famine
No waiting in between

Why do we love all our comedies
Right up against all our deepest tragedies?
Faster is where you want to go
With no place familiar with no one you know
The space in between is what we’ll remember most

There’s nothing wrong with kindness
There’s nothing wrong with being real
Just remember sometimes
You’re more than what you feel

Taking a step is sometimes bold
But standing around can help us now I’m told
And fragile’s the moment when we choose
Whether to live or whether to lose
That road down Damascus, I hope that we’ll start off soon
Track Name: Washing Me Away
Lay your wounds down
‘Cause I feel fine
Hold me close now
As a glass of cheap wine

I’ll be braver
I won’t let you down
I’ll do us a favor
I’ll get up and leave town
Hey what you say, boy?

Lay your head down
I don’t think you’ll go
I know better
And you need me now
What do you say girl wanna run away girl?
Take this hand of mine?
I’ll give you everything except the love you need
But I’ll do my best to fill that idle time

Oh the storms keep washing me away
Oh the storms keep washing me away
Oh and the storms keep washing me away
Washing me, Washing me away